Music From Two Continents - Duo Project with Manickam Yogeswaren

”Scandinasia” is an artistic collaboration between two composers coming from different musical backgrounds. They share their musical knowledge gained through practicing music for more then 4 decades in Scandinavia and in Asia. This musical journey and performing experience took them to many parts of the world and finally they both found their home in the cultural hub of Berlin.


Music for Film & Games

Music for Relaxation. Peaceful and soothing music with smooth soundscapes, Chinese and Indian bamboo flutes and nature sounds for wellness, meditation, relaxation, stress-management and improved sleep quality

Late Night Lounge | 2008 | Intent City


Hillton FM - (lounge project with the danish singer miss Claudia).

"Late Night Lounge" is a sexy chilled mix of sophisticated electronica

smoothed over with lush vocals and jazzy downtempo vibes